13 drills go head-to-head in live drilling demo

More than 100 farmers descended on the Revesby Estate in Lincolnshire this week to check out the latest offerings from 11 different drill manufacturers, including Horsch, Sumo and Vaderstad.

In total 13 drills lined up on one of the farm’s lighter land fields for a mass live drilling demonstration in front of a crowd of intrigued arable farmers.

The drilling demo was part of a soil health improvement day held by the Revesby Estate and agronomy company Agrii, which also looked at the farm’s crop rotation, cover cropping and blackgrass control strategy.

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As it was such a rare occasion to see so many drills from such an array of manufacturers all running side-by-side, here’s a picture rundown of what you missed if you weren’t there on the day.

Vaderstad Rapid A600S

Vaderstad Rapid

Swedish drill maker Vaderstad showed off its Rapid A600S model with three coulters for improved trash flow.

Horsch Sprinter and Avatar

Horsch Sprinter

Horsch brought two models to Revesby – the conventional Sprinter and Avatar direct drill.

Claydon Hybrid

Claydon Hybrid

Launched last autumn, the new Claydon Hybrid direct drill was on show.

Great Plains Saxon CDA-400

Great Plains Saxon

Great Plains was demonstrating its latest direct drill the Saxon CDA-400, which is the no-till sister of the proven Centurion min-till drill.

Lemken Solitair 9

Lemken Solitair

Perhaps more well-known for its ploughs, Lemken and its boys in blue were represented by the Solitair combi-drill.

Dale Drills Eco-Drill

A 6m version of Dale Drills’ Eco-Drill was on show. This direct drill comes with no-till tine coulters and is available in 12m guise.

Dale Drills Eco

Mzuri Pro-Til

Mzuri Pro Til

The Mzuri Pro-Til strip tillage drill is best coupled with 300-400hp tractors for growers who want rapid, one-pass crop establishment.

Sky Easy Drill

Sky Easy

Thanks to a new deal with Lincolnshire importer Opico, growers can get their hands on this company’s min-till and direct drills.

The Sky Easy drill is designed primarily as a direct drill – but it will work on cultivated ground and uses disc openers mounted at a shallow angle to stop soil being moved between rows. It’s avaliable with a split seed-fertiliser hopper too.

Sumo DD3 and DTS3

Sumo DD3

Sumo brought along its newest direct drill – the DD3 – and strip tillage drill – the DTS3.

John Deere 750A

John Deere 750

The not-so-new but popular 750A direct disc drill was also part of the demo line-up.

Weaving GD

Weaving GD

Last but not least, Weaving’s GD direct drill was on hand to demonstrate its novel double-disc arrangement, mounted at a 25deg angle from vertical.

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