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6 options for mounted 6m tine drills

With unrelenting wet and snowy weather halting many spring drilling campaigns across the country over the past few weeks, many growers that have eventually got a chance to get some…


How to fit a fertiliser kit to a John Deere drill

John Deere’s 750A drill is recognised as being one of the longest-serving no-till seeders used in Europe today. Other smaller manufacturers from around the globe are working hard to grab…

Upgrade improves OSR drilling without cost of new machine

Growers considering a shift away from the "subcast" technique of establishing oilseed rape to improve the performance and economic viability of their crops are being offered an upgrade that enables…

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Case studies


Heavy-duty NZ Allen drill gets crops into rock-hard soils

For years, New Zealand has been widely regarded as something of a mecca for direct-drilling enthusiasts. Despite its modest size, the country has been responsible for many of the innovations…


Bespoke liquid fert kits improve no-till drilled crop performanc...

A wind of change is sweeping through UK crop establishment practices, with more and more growers being lured into splashing the cash on a no-till drill. With this increased uptake…


Conversion kit adds precision planting to strip-till drill

A new retrofit option has allowed Mzuri to add precision seeding to its repertoire. The manufacturer reveals the thinking behind the kit and a West Sussex grower describes the results…


Surrey farmer builds 4m no-till drill on a £2,000 budget

Farm facts Mike Pinard, Lodge Farm, South Godstone, Surrey 121ha rented land Soil type: Weald clay Cropping: winter wheat, winter linseed and canary seed Mike Pinard farms about 120ha of…

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Aqua Till waterjets offer ingenious alternative to coulters

Just when you thought variable rate, variable depth, turn compensation and limitless fertiliser combinations had taken drilling technology to its limit, the rule book has been blasted open once again.…


John Deere 750A comes top in Cambridgeshire drill trial

Earlier this year we published an article about a trial being conducted by Cambridgeshire farmer David Walston, comparing three different drills to sow wheat direct into stubble – a Cross…

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Vaderstad app helps set up machines correctly

A recent augmented reality smartphone app from Vaderstad allows operators to get a live demonstration of how to get their machine running as it should. See also: How precision farming…


Sola Ares-P drill gets upgraded tech

The Ares-P drill from Spanish manufacturer Sola is a simple tractor-mounted air seeder with high-tech features designed for sowing into min-till seed-beds or on to ploughed land with minimal prior…


Dot and Raven combine precision tech systems

Two precision technology companies are teaming up to add as many bells and whistles as possible to the Dot Power Platform, which was featured in Farmers Weekly earlier this year.…


Tillage-Live: Claydon, Dale, Deere and Kuhn drill highlights

The ground at Eweford Farm, Dunbar, East Lothian provided a decent testing surface for the annual Tillage-Live cultivations demonstration. Drill makers were out in force, including Claydon, Kuhn, Dale, Sulky,…

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Test and reviews


Driver's View: Weaving GD drill

Henry Muntz reveals how his Weaving GD no-till drill has performed across his farm of Warwickshire clay loam. What drill are you using? We’ve got a 4.8m trailed Weaving GD…


Driver’s view: David Bird's Primewest Cross Slot

Suffolk grower David Bird gives his verdict on the performance of the Primewest Cross Slot no-till drill. Find out how it works, its good points and what could be improved.…


Driver's View: Steve Heard's John Deere 750A drill

Leicestershire farmer Steve Heard imported and assembled his own John Deere no-till drill – he gives us his verdict on how it has performed, what he most likes about it…


Driver’s view: Lionel Shaw's Horsch Avatar drill

Lionel Shaw runs a Horsch Avatar at Manor Farm, Luton, and explains his why he changed to a no-till drill, how it works and gives us his verdict on the…

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Video: Grower cuts fuel costs as new drill hits blackgrass

The need to slash soaring fuel costs while tackling blackgrass at the same time has led to a wholesale change in establishment system on one Leicestershire estate. Farming 1,130ha of…

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