Amazone AD-P goes electric

Amazone’s AD-P Special is the latest incarnation of the German company’s popular combination drill and boasts electric metering for the first time. 

Available with either 850 litre or 1,250 litre hopper capacity, which with extension can increase to 1,100-litre or 1,500-litre respectively, the set-up has been redesigned to give a larger opening, lower loading height and new access platform.

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There’s also a neat roll-up cover that concertinas open, providing clear visibility from the cab. The new loading platform also gives operators easy access to both the hopper and metering system.

Already a feature on the company’s larger seed drills, electric metering is now standard on the AD-P Special, with easy access to the metering unit, simple exchange of metering cassettes, calibration from the tractor cab and electronic remote seed rate control.

Seed rates and calibration can be controlled within the cab using the Amadrill+ on-board computer or the Amatron 3 operator terminal, while a choice of sensor, GPS speed signal or impulse wheel system can be used for metering. 

There’s another neat techy option for calibration called ComfortPack, which includes the TwinTerminal 3.0, a nifty magnetic remote screen that gives the operator access to the in-cab computer, allowing him to input calibrated quantities directly from the platform.

It is also now possible to switch up to five rows off on each side for tramlining, for a maximum tyre width of 1,000mm at a row width of 166mm or 750mm at 125mm.


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