Claydon expands 3m Hybrid drill range

A trailed version of Claydon’s 3m Hybrid seed drill will suit growers with a tractor of 150hp or more wanting to adopt minimum tillage and direct-sowing establishment of arable crops.

The 3m joins existing 4m, 6m and 8m trailed drills in the Hybrid range, which will also have a trailed 4.8m version in 2017, and growers with a mounted 3m Hybrid can convert it to trailed format using a new kit.

A tractor pulling a claydon hybrid drill

The Claydon Hybrid T3 is available to sow seed only or seed and fertiliser from a 2,455-litre hopper equipped with a stainless steel metering unit regulated by an RDS Artemis controller with variable rate and GPS capability.

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Shouldered cuttings discs – or press wheels for cultivated ground – lead the way, followed by nine slim tines that open drainage fissures and create a localised tilth for the individually adjustable coulter tines.

There is central working depth adjustment for the drill, which is supported by the tractor’s linkage arms and deep-cleated tyres that run on uncultivated ground for consistent seed depth.