Kuhn add fertiliser option to largest Espro trailed drill

Kuhn has added a new fertiliser option for its 6m trailed Espro drill that means it can drop seed and fert in one pass.

The kit sees fertiliser trickled in a single row behind two lines of seed and is fed from a 5,500-litre twin-compartment hopper, split 60:40.

It is capable of working in different drilling modes, including sowing two seeds at the same time, fertiliser and seed together or using the whole hopper for a single variety.

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Kuhn Espro 600 drill

Coulters are individually mounted on polyurethane blocks that attach to a Crossflex bar, which the company says helps improve seed depth consistency and allows drilling speeds of up to 17kph.

Prices for the updated Espro 6000 RC aren’t cheap, with a 6m model starting at £132,323. That price rises if you opt for a set of front press wheels with in-cab pressure adjustment.


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