Lamma 2015: Great Plains shows cover crop drill

Small-seed cover or oilseed rape companion crop trials may result in a commercial implement for specialist sowing applications being developed from the trials unit that Great Plains is showing at Lamma.

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The 3m implement has five Great Plains ST-tines with low disturbance points at 575mm spacing to create distinct rooting zones down to 250mm with undisturbed soil between. A roller consolidates in line with each of the tines and a set of 00 double-disc openers place seed in rows 100mm either side of where the tine has been. 

Twin hoppers cater for applying seed for either a companion crop within the oilseed rape rows, or a cover crop between the rapeseed rows or across the whole profile.

Encouraging outcomes across five trial sites suggest this approach delivers an increase in plant population and improved root development and nutrient uptake. Further evaluation could result in a new option for existing Great Plains machines or a dedicated implement.

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