Monosem coulter suspension system improve drilling consistency

Consistent sowing depth at faster speeds and in less than ideal surface conditions is claimed for the Monoshox seeding unit suspension fitted to the latest Monosem NG Plus precision planter being shown by Toucan Farm Machinery.

Adding a car-style telescopic damper or shock absorber to supplement the metal-bushed parallelogram linkage and twin coil springs is said to help maintain a more consistent coulter depth at faster working speeds, discouraging the seeding units from bouncing over surface undulations or large stones or clods.

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A tractor pulling a blue drill

The NG Plus planter is increasingly used for sowing energy maize and beet grown as a feedstock for anaerobic digestion plants, says Toucan Farm Machinery.

It features a levelling/sweeping blade to prepare the soil surface immediately ahead of a coulter and double disc openers that create a v-shaped seeding slot to the depth regulated by independent depth wheels either side.

A quick-change mechanism is designed to make it quicker and easier to swap coulters for different sowing depths and crops.

Seeds are singled in an all-metal vacuum metering box by a 210mm diameter stainless steel disc and then held at the bottom of the slot to prevent them bouncing or rolling along the row before two angled rubber press wheels firm the soil into place.

The Monosem NG Plus comes in sizes up to 18 rows on mounted, parallel folding and trailed frames.