Moore Unidrill gets split hopper for seed and fert placement

Buyers in the market for a Moore Unidrill now have the option of fitting a split hopper for applying seed and fertiliser at the same time.

The MDH-1700 unit offers a capacity of 850 litres per side, each of which feeds into an Accord metering unit. However, it can still be run as a single hopper by opening a slide in the central divider.

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As standard, both metering units run off a land wheel, but there’s the option of upgrading to an electronic system with GPS speed control. A hydraulic fan comes as standard.

Pictured is the hopper fitted to the firm’s 3m mounted grassland drill.

This comes with 32 direct disc coulters, each of which has a feed from both vessels connected via a Y-shaped adapter.

The drill’s simple design means the only ground engaging element other than the discs is a Guttler-style toothed packer roller.

Optional extras include a 600kg weight set to help push the drill into hard ground, an additional 130-litre Stocks seeder, a tine following harrow and a camera kit.

The 32-coulter drill comes in at about £40,000, with the 24-coulter arable version starting at £37,000. Smaller 2.5m and larger 3.4m versions are also available.

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