New 12m Bednar Efecta drill good for 200ha/day

Bednar has launched a 12m Efecta drill that it claims can cover up to 200ha/day and work on both tilled ground and undisturbed stubbles.

The new model, which sits above the Omega range, carries a 6,000-litre pressurised plastic hopper with a 3,720/2,280-litre split.

Sowing rates of up to 300kg/ha, and fertiliser at 250kg/ha, are possible, and there’s the option of a third small hopper for growers looking to apply several products in a single pass.

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There are several cultivator options for mounting ahead of the coulter bank, including a wavy Profi disc for crumbling, a sharp-edged Turbo unit to slice through residue or a Crushbar leveller.

Improve consistency

The Czech company fits four distribution heads across the 12m width to reduce the distance the seed has to travel and help improve consistency.

Each of these can be switched off individually, which provides section control in four 3m bands.

There are also two options for inter-row spacing of the disc coulters – 167mm or 125mm.

The drill folds to less than 3m wide, measures 7.8m long, and the company suggests pairing it with a tractor of at least 300hp.

On-farm price of the Efecta is expected to be roughly £135,000 and it will be available from Case-IH dealers.