Pottinger makes tweaks to Terrasem and Aerosem drills

Pottinger has tweaked the format of its two popular drill models to make them suitable for a broader range of establishment methods.

The high-output Terrasem is now available in a stripped-down Classic guise without any cultivating elements at the front, which makes it easier to pull on tilled ground. Instead, soil-working components lead with a levelling board and tyre packer to prepare cultivated ground in front of the Dual disc coulters.

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Models are available in widths from 4m to 9m. The smaller units up to 6m get a 3,000-litre hopper, while the bigger 8m and 9m machines have a 3,950-litre capacity, and they can all be ordered fertiliser-ready.

Meanwhile, Pottinger’s mounted Aerosem drill now comes in two wider formats – 4m and 5m – that feature hydraulic folding wings and a front-mounted seed hopper.

Aerosem in field

Aerosem © Pottinger

Both can be coupled to the firm’s Lion 103 C folding power-harrow, which carries a shorter headstock to transfer more weight onto the tractor. There are two hopper options – a standard 1,700-litre model and a high-capacity 2,300-litre variant.

A single seed metering unit is standard, but the new drills can also be specced with a dual system, dubbed Single Shoot, that allows the operator to lay seed and fertiliser in the same slot.