Pottinger pairs big Terradiscs with tractor-mounted hopper

High-output shallow cultivation and cover crop seeding is one of the likeliest applications for Pottinger’s latest implement combination – the large trailed Terradisc cultivator and Amico F tractor-mounted hopper.

The 8m and 10m versions of the Terradisc deploy two rows of 580mm-diameter scalloped discs spaced 125mm apart and with 90cm between the two gangs for an intensive chopping and mixing action.

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Each disc is carried on a single arm, but there are two arm/disc assemblies for each of the rubber cushioned clamps that attach them to the frame.

The dished discs are set at two angles to encourage penetration in hard ground and to lift and shatter soil.

This helps mix in previous crop residues and produce a decent tilth, which is consolidated by a finishing roller.

Pottinger produces five different designs, including cast ring and rubber packers, and a U-profile roller in tandem formation.

For work on pre-cultivated or ploughed ground, front-mounted paddle levelling tines are available.

Front hopper

For seed and fertiliser, there is a choice of Amico front linkage-mounted hoppers of 1,700- and 2,400-litre capacity.

These are divided 60:40, with two metering units feeding into the air transfer setup to a distribution head on the cultivator.

Setting the distribution rail with the outlets diagonal to the ground puts the fertiliser and/or seed into the flow of soil so it is deposited on or near the surface – an approach reckoned to be suited to sowing cover crop mixes.

With the distribution rail positioned perpendicular to the ground, fertiliser is deposited and mixed into the soil throughout the cultivated profile.

Both implements are operated via isobus electronics and could be used to apply seed and fertiliser at variable rates set in a digital prescription map.

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