Sky EasyDrill gets Stocks Avadex applicator mounting kit

A comprehensive mounting kit for a Stocks Ag Turbo Jet applicator enables Avadex herbicide granules to be broadcast from the Sky EasyDrill direct air seeder to combat blackgrass and other grassweeds.

The kit comprises a mounting frame, a hopper filling platform with guard rails and ladder-like steps, all located at the back of the drill behind the seed distribution head.

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Plastic 32mm-diameter hoses carry the airborne granules to outlet spreader plates mounted on a lightweight toolbar attached to the centre-split folding coulter frame so that the herbicide is distributed behind the coulter and press wheel assembly.

The mounting kit is priced £2,889.

A 4m EasyDrill would use a Turbo Jet with eight outlets and a 240-litre hopper; the 6m a 10-outlet version, priced at £8,250 including an Avadex metering roller and iCon touchscreen unit providing automatic rate regulation.

An 8m EasyDrill would use a Turbo Jet 10 with 20 outlets and the option to size up to a 400-litre hopper.

When not required for applying herbicide granules, the broadcaster can be used with different metering units for seed and other products; a full-spec EasyDrill can then apply up to five products at once through three separate systems.

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