Trailed Solitair DT to join Lemken drill range

Lemken is to replace its Compact Solitair combination drills with a more versatile and lighter-weight DT range.

These will initially be available in 4m and 6m widths when production begins next autumn.

The difference with the DTs (which stands for “disc trailed” in Lemken parlance) is that they offer a broader range of configurations, with buyers able to spec different components to suit their establishment system.

So, at the front there’s the option of a tyre packer to consolidate cultivated ground, or hockey stick-shaped cross-board blades to break clods.

Lemken Solitair

© Lemken

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Following these are two rows of discs. Those looking for more intensive soil movement can pick the 465mm-diameter concave versions (repurposed from the Heliodor stubble cultivator) with leaf-sprung overload protection.

Alternatively, soil movement can be reduced by opting for vertical wavy discs, which do more cutting and less throwing to conserve moisture and limit weed seed germination.

A trapeze packer roller can also be fitted behind the disc harrow to press the seed rows, as can a second tyre packer.

Hopper capacities range from 3,400 to 5,100 litres and these can be split either 50/50 or 60/40 for seed and fertiliser applications. A loading auger is available as an extra.

Two double-disc coulter options are offered – the single-shot setup sees fertiliser and seed placed together at the same depth, whereas the double-shot version lays fertiliser below the seed using a second set of disc coulters.

Other buying decisions include whether to have a standard or extended drawbar, and the means of coupling it to the tractor – semi-mounted on the link arms or towed using a hitch pin.


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