Vaderstad releases new 4m Spirit drill

A 4m version of the popular Spirit has been added to Vaderstad’s drill range.

The Spirit 400C/S gets an iPad-based E-Control system to adjust working depth and application rate while drilling, and a Seedeye blockage monitor keeps tabs on seed and fertiliser movement to warn of any changes in product flow.

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Hopper size on seed-only models is 3,740 litres, while fertiliser-ready versions have a larger 3,900-litre tank. Two platforms around the hopper and a new open design should improve operator safety when filling, says Vaderstad.

Maximum downward pressure on the 380mm coulter discs is 80kg and the upgraded hydraulics need 85 litres/min.

The drill will take about 120hp to pull and working speeds are between 8kph and 14kph.

Prices start at £65,660.