Wider 8m model added to Sky’s Easydrill range

A range-topping 8m-wide version of the Easydrill has been launched by French manufacturer Sky Agriculture.

The W8020 Fertisem joins the 3m, 4m and 6m machines already on sale in the UK through importer Opico.

It features 16.6cm row spacings between the 48 coulters, each of which has a seed and fertiliser outlet.

Up to 250kg of coulter down pressure is possible and weight can be shifted from the front to the rear press wheels to improve slot closing in hard seed-beds.

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There is the option of drilling four different seeds in one pass via two outlets; the main hopper can be split between fertiliser and seed and sown at different depths, while two separately mounted Pro hoppers can be used for seed or microgranules – both can be integrated into either air flow from the main hopper.

The Easydrill comes Isobus ready and the optional E-drive offers left and right section control, along with electronic row shut-off.

This is especially handy for contractors, as individual rows can be taken out of work to accommodate different tramlines, meaning the sprayer no longer needs to be a multiple of the drill width.

The new 8m model will be debuted on Opico’s stand at Cereals 2021 and has a £151,624 list price.

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