Agriweld’s Mantis toolbar offers one-pass system

A new Agriweld front-mounted cultivator offers growers the option of having a one-pass tillage and drilling system, rather than making two conventional passes.

The Mantis is a low-disturbance toolbar with legs spaced at 500mm and depth set via spacer clips on the wheel rams. There is a choice of low-disturbance points and a bank of discs can be added in front of the legs to stop trash gathering.

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Standard leg protection is via the firm’s new Snap-bar shear leg, which comes in four strengths and replaces the typical shear bolt protection. It speed up manually reseting the leg, while a fancier auto-rest version is also available.

Mounting the legs so close to the steering front wheels means they’re subject to more strain when turning, so Agriweld has designed them to pivot slightly, helping with corners. 

The Mantis is available in widths from 3m to 6m, with prices starting from £13,500. A 4m Mantis and 4m combination drill should be handled comfortably by a 280hp tractor.