Cultivating Solutions modifies Rapidlift to work with more drills

Cultivating Solutions has increased the number of drills suitable for use with its low disturbance retro-fit subsoiler toolbar.

The standard Rapid Lift was launched back in 2011 to fit a Vaderstad Rapid, but farmer demand has seen designer Richard Scholes tweak the layout to suit other machines.

A brace of twin-gauge wheels have been fitted to the back, which support the frame and mean the toolbar can be used on its own as a regular subsoiler.

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The system can also be fitted ahead of a cultivator and gives operators the option of heaving up heavily trafficked headlands while saving fuel by lifting the legs out of work through the middle of the field.

Maximum working depth is 275mm and width options extend from 3m to 9m.

The 4m comes in at £16,000 and the 6m has a £24,000 ticket price.