He-Va launches Top Strigle straw harrow

Farmers looking for a quick and relatively cheap means of spreading harvest trash, disturbing slug eggs and encouraging a flush of grassweeds now have He-Va’s Top Strigle to consider.

Like others of similar ilk, it carries five rows of heavy-duty harrow tines designed to work at a slight angle to the combine’s direction of travel, ideally at speeds of 15-25kph to evenly distribute straw and chaff across the field.

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The addition of hydraulic tine angle adjustment makes it possible to adjust the aggressiveness of work as conditions change, and a Stocks seeder can be lumped on top to establish cover or catch crops.

The range runs from 3m to 10m, with the middling 6m model reckoned to be a good match for a tractor of between 155hp and 180hp.

Prices for a 3m version start at £11,227.

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