Horsch updates Cruiser XL, Joker RT and Avatar drills

The latest 9m-wide Cruiser 9XL, designed for shallow tillage and stubble cultivation, now comes with Horsch’s new Flexigrip tines spread across the six-beam frame.

These replace the spring tines of the previous generation and are spaced at 170mm centres. They are also pre-stressed to provide a breakaway force of 180kg when working to a maximum depth of 150mm.

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There’s a choice of points at their base, with 50mm, 80mm or 100mm versions currently available and a new 240mm alternative set to be unveiled later this year.

An optional “contour control” system allows the wings to drop 2deg when working, with up to nine support wheels up front ensuring a consistent working depth across undulating terrain.

The Cruiser comes as standard with an integrated hydraulic weight transfer system which shifts up to 2t onto the tractor’s rear axle to improve traction.

There are several packer options available, including the new 620mm rubber Opti-Roll for working in light soils. 

Joker 12 RT

Red Horsch Joker 12 RT in yard

Joker 12 RT © Simon Henley

A new Joker 12 RT has extended the disc harrow range to 12.25m. The redesigned machine, which tips the scales at 16.5t, features a revamped folding system that incorporates two carrier axles on the front chassis but still retains the 3m transport width.

Available with 520mm or 580mm-diameter serrated discs offering a maximum depth of 150mm, the Joker applies 1.3t/m pressure to ensure reliable soil penetration.

It can also be specified with 520mm-diameter CoverCrush discs for working the top 80mm, and there’s the option of a front knife roller or a double packer.

These are mounted on a hydraulic crossbar to provide an adjustable levelling/chopping action.

Avatar updates

The Avatar 12.25SD (250mm row spacing) has gained new isobus controls that Horsch reckons will make it easier for farmers to operate, adjust and monitor the drill’s performance.

Other updates to the 2023 Avatar line-up include the debut of trailed individually adjustable trash wheels, developed to cope with high amounts of straw residue.

These are an option on all models, from the Avatar 8 to the 12HD.

For 2024, the Avatar 12.25SD will introduce a selective hosing option, which will enable the drill to plant two crop types at different depths.

The system will also allow a double spacing for wide-row crops.

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