Monster TMC mulcher offers fine finish

A huge tractor-mounted mulcher has been added to the TMC Cancela range, aimed at operators looking to rejuvenate tired old scrub land.

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The Cancela MPK-225 has a working width of 2.25m and sits on the three-point linkage of a 220-300hp tractor.

Underneath, there are 58 rigidly mounted carbide-tipped hammers, set out in a helix pattern. These shred any residue against six rows of replaceable counter knives, with mulched material then incorporated into the fine soil.

Underneath the Cancela MPK-225

Supplied throughout the UK by Spaldings, the MPK has a two-speed gearbox to offer slower rotor speeds for shredding and mulching, and a faster grind for gnawing away at tree stumps, up to 450mm diameter.

A steel finishing roller has six serrated traction rings and its working depth can be adjusted via hydraulic rams.

The 632mm rotor has belt-driven input at both ends from the heavy-duty transmission, which pivots to always keep the pto shaft at the correct angle.

Spalding TMC Cancela rollers