More output for Rubin 10 as Lemken extends cultivator to 10m

Rubin 10 cultivators

The 10m implements folds within a 3x4m envelope © Lemken

Growers with a big tractor and a lot of ground to cover on autumn cultivations will appreciate the extra output that Lemken’s latest Rubin 10 short disc cultivator offers, thanks to a 40% increase in working width.

The Rubin 10 is the mid-range implement in Lemken’s short disc range, featuring two rows of 645mm diameter DuraMaxx discs compared to the Heliodor 9’s 510mm and the Rubin 12’s 736mm versions.

As with the other models, the concave serrated discs are angled in two planes to encourage penetration and aggressively cut and mix stubbles across the full working width while operating at a depth of 70-140mm.

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Each disc is mounted individually on a curved rigid arm with downward pressure – and disc deflection from an obstruction – provided by a short vertical coil spring.

Their symmetrical arrangement aims to minimise dominant draft forces pulling the implement off line.

The Rubin 10’s 800mm under-frame clearance and 140mm disc gang spacing is intended to provide plenty of trash clearance.

Lemken Rubin 10 cultivator

Wider working – the Lemken Rubin 10/1000 disc cultivator © Lemken

Previously available in widths from 4m to 7m, the new Rubin 10/1000 KUA stretches the trailed version to 10m and a power requirement of 245-350hp, dependent upon soil type, terrain and working conditions.

Yet the disc frames and finishing roller fold to a 3m wide, 4m high road transport configuration.

This involves raising the soil-engaging tackle on two road wheels, pivoting the frame to an upright position, and then folding the large wing sections forwards from either side of a relatively narrow centre section to sit alongside the drawbar.

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