Tillage debut for Knight’s 6m-wide Top Till cultivator

Knight has launched a new seedbed finisher designed to tickle over-wintered ploughing to get a drill-ready finish without using a power-harrow.

Available in 4m, 5m and 6m formats, the Top Till carries a row of levelling paddles at the front to knock down any lumps ahead of a toothed roller that crushes clods and presses them into the ground.

There are then 64 tines spaced evenly across five rows, which Knight says gives better trash flow compared with its four-row rivals. That’s particularly the case when it is used directly on post-harvest stubbles, where the 30cm front-to-back and 45cm side-to-side spacing should minimise blockages.

A rear double Crosskill roller breaks down any remaining slabs and helps leave a level finish.

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Subsections of the machine measuring 1.5m wide are spring-loaded to help follow the ground evenly.

The machine is mounted on the link arms of the tractor to help with tight headland turns and weighs roughly 800kg/m. When folded for transport, the Top Till is carried on two rear wheels that lift clear of the soil when in work.

Power requirement for the 6m version is around the 170hp mark. It retails for £40,000 and should be available next spring.