Vaderstad unveils XT Carrier disc cultivator

Vaderstad has developed another variation of its Carrier high-speed disc cultivator.

The latest XT version from the Swedish manufacturer features hydraulically controlled angle adjustment of the discs. These are spaced at 125mm centres and can be stood upright to increase penetration or flattened to maximise soil movement at a shallower depth. As such, it can operate from 20mm to 120mm deep.

Buyers can spec a set of standard 450mm concave discs, 470mm TrueCut discs or the ultra-shallow CrossCutter.

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Width options include the 4.25m (34 discs), 5.25m (42 discs) and 6.25m (50 discs), all three of which are available in both mounted and trailed formats and with either a single or double packer.

Vaderstad suggests pairing the smallest model, the CRXT 425, with a tractor of at least 150hp, while the CRXT 625 will want something closer to 270hp.

As for transport, the trailed models are 7.7m long and fold to 2.8m wide, and the mounted equivalents are 3.1m long and 2.3m wide.

Prices will be announced when the order books open in October.


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