Kverneland updates semi-mounted plough for 200-400hp tractors

Kverneland has unveiled a new semi-mounted plough range for 200-400hp tractors that’s available with eight or nine furrows.

The PN/RN 100 models fill a gap in the range between the fully mounted EO/LO seven-furrow and the top-end semi-mounted PW/RW available with seven to 12 furrows.

Kverneland semi-mounted plough

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The RN model uses traditional shearbolt protection, but the pricier PN machine has the makers multi-leaf spring auto-rest system that means you don’t have to pull out of work if it breaks back.

Both ploughs will be available with manual vari-width from 14-20in, and they can be set to plough in-furrow and on land. There’s also enough offset to suit wheeled and tracked tractors up to 3.4m wide.

The range has been designed to be straightforward to use and needs just three double-acting spool valves to operate operate it.

To cope with higher horsepower on the front, Kverneland has used a hefty 200x200mm main bean, and with a generous 80cm of under-beam clearance and 100cm of inter-body clearance it shouldn’t get get too bunged-up with trash.

Headstock options include Cat III and Cat IV fittings, and wheel options extend to a 400/55 R22.5 or a wider section 500/55 R22.5 tyre. Prices start from £31,953 for the RN 100 shear bolt version, while the PN 100 auto-reset model is priced from £35,496.

Both versions will be available from August.

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