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The original cultivation tool and, in some situations, still the best. Reversible ploughs offer every conceivable configuration from mounted ploughs to semi-mounted and trailed ploughs, with break-back leg protection, mouldboards, skims and adjustable furrow width options for every soil type.

Case studies


Tungsten-tipped points cut ploughing costs for Essex grower

Essex farmer Will Streeter has slashed ploughing downtime and cut costs by kitting out his Kverneland ploughs with durable tungsten carbide tips. His contract farming enterprise near Bishops Stortford is…

RapidLab shallow plough impresses on Dorset farm

Shallow ploughing is nothing new. In fact the practice has been around ever since man decided – some time in pre-history – that inversion tillage was the way forward. Since…

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CNH sells off Overum plough business

During a period of seemingly never-ending acquisitions, CNH Industrial has gone against the trend by selling off the Overum factory in Sweden, which makes mouldboard ploughs. This business was acquired…


KV adds in-furrow models to Ecomat shallow plough range

Kverneland has added a trio of new models to its Ecomat shallow plough range. The six-, seven- and eight-furrow versions are built for in-furrow use, whereas the existing eight- and…


Amazone launches biggest semi-mounted Tyrok on-land plough

A new variant of Amazone’s biggest plough – the semi-mounted Tyrok 400 – can be operated with the tractor on-land as well as in-furrow to cater for power units with…


Pottinger adds on-land option to Servo 6000T plough

An on-land option for Pottinger’s new Servo T 6000 semi-mounted ploughs enables the implements to be used for either in-furrow ploughing or with wide-tyred and tracked tractors operating out of…

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Test and reviews


On test: Kverneland's updated six-furrow LO plough

Kverneland has updated its long-serving LO plough range, most notably with a transport kit that promises to have it faithfully following the tractor on the road. The Trailer Transport System…


On test: Kverneland's new five-furrow 2300S plough

Decades pass with little change to the humble plough, so a raft of major updates to Kverneland's mid-range models was big news for buyers keen to turn a more consistent…


On test: Lemken’s five-furrow Juwel 8 plough

Although the humble plough might have fallen out of fashion in some quarters of farming, there are still those who require a simple, no-nonsense implement to bury the remnants of…


On test: Kverneland’s 2500 S five-furrow iPlough

Kverneland’s iPlough has turned farming's age-old soil folding implement into a computer controlled tool, capable of producing arrow-straight furrows at the touch of a button. However, operators will need an…

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Video: At the Auctions - Rainthorpe Farms sale

Farmers arrived from all corners of the country to see 375 lots get knocked down at one of the largest arable estates in recent years. Farmers Weekly was on hand…


Video: On test - Hubert's seven-furrow plough

Late last year, Suffolk firm Agri-Hire agreed a deal to take on Dowdeswell’s engineering operation with a commitment to restarting plough production on a national scale. Dowdeswell folded last summer,…

Dozer plough shifts a lot of soil with not many hp

Suffolk farmer Paul Kerridge designed this furrow-less plough in the second half of 2009 and is about to make a first batch for local farmers. Called the Dozer Plough, it's…

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