Pottinger adds on-land option to Servo 6000T plough

An on-land option for Pottinger’s new Servo T 6000 semi-mounted ploughs enables the implements to be used for either in-furrow ploughing or with wide-tyred and tracked tractors operating out of the furrow.

Pottinger makes the case that ploughing on land avoids compacting the adjoining furrow slice and soil beneath the furrow bottom, with potential for higher levels of traction as well.

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On-land ploughing is a little more comfortable for operators since the tractor remains upright, and with high-definition satellite guidance now widely used, ploughing on land is no longer as demanding for the operator as it once was.

The new Servo T 6000 plough range, which became available in 2022 in sizes up to nine furrows, includes auto-reset and hydraulic furrow width variants.

There are a number of design and equipment upgrades over the previous generation.

Pottinger says these have been made largely in response to the growing size and performance of tractors with up to 500hp, and especially the use of taller and wider tyres.

A longer drawbar increases clearance for turns at headlands and into narrow field entrances, and there are double-sided linkage lugs to cater for more mounting configurations.

The main beam has been re-engineered to make it stronger and stiffer, with a revised construction designed to protect all bearing locations and mounted components, while fewer greasing points reduce time spent on routine maintenance.

Upgrades also include fitting harder-wearing Durastar chisel points and mouldboards as standard in place of the Classic range; for extreme conditions, buyers can opt for Durastar Plus.

For on-land ploughing, the implement gets a beam link that pushes the frame outwards to a central position behind tractors up to 4m wide, allowing plenty of space for dual wheels and wide traction belts.

There is no need for an additional hydraulic valve to operate the system.

An optional depth wheel is available to support the front of the plough for consistent working depth when operating on land.

Prices start at £49,376 for a six-furrow model with on-land capability.

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