Two-furrow ploughs still in demand

As farms get bigger, so do the machines. However, there’s obviously still a demand for smaller kit.

Spotted at Ernest Doe’s grassland day at Hadlow College in Kent, the Opal 90 is pretty much the same design as in previous decades. It’s aimed primarily at markets in India, but this simple reversible plough is also on sale in the UK.

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It has adjustment of front furrow width and trailing line, known as Optiquick, along with a height-adjustable drawbar as standard. Slatted boards, discs and even a land-wheel are optional extras and the plough comes as 1, 2 and 2+1 configuration of furrows.

The one pictured is the highest spec and will set you back about £5,000. A few units have already been sold in the UK, mainly to those with small acreages to cover and those who do match ploughing.

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