Horsch launches Cultro TC stubble and cover crop processor

Horsch’s new Cultro TC stubble processor is aimed at those looking to process tough stubbles such as maize and to incorporate catch crops at the end of their useful lives.

It’s available in working widths and formats – including 3m front- or rear-mounted and 12m trailed – and roller diameter has been kept compact to achieve a number of revolutions and a high number of cuts per revolution, says Horsch, with the six knives on each section arranged crosswise.

The 3m model features five sections.

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The 12m trailed Cultro 12 TC uses a chassis design that transfers machine weight on to the roller for maximum cutting capability.

Individual roller segments are divided into individually suspended 3m sections to aid contour following.

At the rear there are packer or grass-type harrow options, while the Horsch Crossbar can be specified up front to enable the Cultro to prepare seedbeds.

Power requirement for a 12m Cultro working at up to 20kph is reckoned to be 200hp.

Horsch Finer

The Finer LT features four angle-adjustable tine rows, with 15cm tine spacing and 55cm frame clearance

Designed for post-crop slicing of stubbles from cover crops through to maize, there’s also a new shallow-working cultivator from Horsch.

Available in 6-12m working widths, the Finer LT features four angle-adjustable tine rows to ensure parallel work, with tines spaced at 15cm and a 55cm frame clearance. A two-row following harrow tidies up at the back.