Lynx launches fancy £17,500 folding front press

Running a front-mounted tractor press ahead of the drill might look old school, but it’s still a popular choice for those sowing straight into ploughed ground, according to Lynx Engineering.

One of the big appeals is the counterbalancing affect, which helps improve weight distribution and cornering at headlands for those running a combi drill set-up.


Lynx also reckons pressing the soil ahead of the tractor reduces the depth of wheelings, so the rear cultivator can be run shallower.

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With that in mind, the Northamptonshire firm unveiled its new Streamline-D press at Cereals, which carries tines and paddles ahead of the heavy-duty DD press wheels.

Working depth of both paddles and tines can be adjusted in sections, and the press also comes with a steering system on the wider models.

The coil-over-shock system is designed to minimise the stress of sharp turns caused by a tractor guided by GPS.

The Streamline range runs from 1.5-6m, with a 4m retailing at £17,500.

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