Vaderstad’s Tempo moves rows for wider tramlines

Growers wishing to spread slurry in standing maize and sugar beet crops now have the option of putting in tramlines to reduce damage to standing crops with Vaderstad’s Tempo Wide Lining feature.

The Tempo has four maize coulters on hydraulic side-shift rams that can widen two rows directly behind the tractor without having to remove them from work.

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Each of the four-row units shift 150mm left or right to alter row spacings from the standard 750mm to leave a gap of 1,050mm for wide tyres. Spaces between the rows on either side are then reduced to 600mm.

The hydraulic shift happens on the headland when the drill is lifted out of the ground, so there shouldn’t be any extra pressure on the soil-working parts, either.

The option can be retrofitted to existing drills.