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Precision planters for forage maize and energy crops are now high-tech with electric metering drives, GPS section control, soil moisture sensing and dual hybrid planting by variable rate zoning from makers Amazone, Horsch, John Deere, Kuhn, Kverneland, Lemken, Maschio and Vaderstad.

Case studies


Duo of Italian drills provide ultimate row width flexibility

It wasn’t long ago that forage maize was a rare sight in the East of England, but after AD plants started appearing, the popular AD feedstock crop is now a…


Home-built drill gets grass cover into growing maize crops

Overwintered maize stubbles can be a serious trouble spot for soil erosion and nutrient leaching into watercourses. A popular method for sorting them out is to rip up the ground…

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Vaderstad adds eight-row option to Tempo maize drill range

A high-speed Tempo L8 maize drill has been launched by Vaderstad, which joins its current 12- and 18-row offerings. The new eight-row model has a 3,000-litre fertiliser hopper and row…


Accurate placement from Kuhn's Maxima drills

Kuhn recently chose the Lamma show to preview its new Maxima 3 range of precision drills. The 12-model line-up is available in six- to 12-row format and is capable of…


Autonomous robots drill a 50ha maize crop

Controlled by an app, a French technology company has built three highly accurate robots that are cultivating, drilling and caring for a 50ha crop of maize, completely autonomously. The project…

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Test and reviews


Maize drills - what's on the market

The tediously slow job that used to be drilling maize is being transformed by a new generation of machines that work with precision at much faster speeds. Peter Hill reports…

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