Damp crops dry quicker with Danagri grain stirrer Wet harvest – damp grain

Nightmarish as it is, there are bits of kit out there that can ease the pain. 

Danagri’s walk-behind grain stirrer is claimed to reduce drying times for crop held in floor-stores. 

Danagri Grain Stirrer - X
Its auger can reach down to 1.8m and lifts grain from the bottom of the heap. On reaching the top, it is expelled through a hood to which helps to propel the unit along. 

The operator then guides the machine around on top of the store. 

It is said to break up any crust than can limit airflow and remove  hotspots. Customers report significant cost savings due to reduced drying times.

Price for a 0.55kW, single-phase version with 0.8m auger is £1450.   

1.1kW single-phase and 2.2kW three-phase versions are available with 1.2m and 1.8m augers.


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