Deere launches new automatic sprayer dilution and rinsing system

John Deere has introduced a fully automatic dilution and rinsing system for all its 800i & 800i TF (Twin Fluid) Series trailed sprayers.

This new auto dilute option allows the sprayer operator to control a multi-cycle dilution and spray process simply and easily from the tractor cab.

It is designed to make the most efficient use of clean water in the sprayer’s rinse tank to minimise chemical pollution and meet current and future legal and environmental regulations in Europe.

The system uses a sprayer rinse calculator, which automatically controls the number of cycles required to ensure proper cleaning out of the sprayer, and always uses the available rinse water in the most effective way.

This means higher productivity through faster rinsing, and a reduced risk of operator error leading to crop damage and environmental contamination.

deere 460

The calculator considers the dead volume of the entire sprayer, the dead volume of the boom, the actual spray tank and rinse tank contents, the clean water required for proper dilution and the number of cycles required to ensure the necessary dilution factor, depending on the legislation in force and the chemical being used.

The ISO 22368 standard is currently a legal requirement in France, and is being considered as the basis for future EU-wide legislation.

This recommends that after spraying in the field, the remaining dead spray volume must be diluted by a factor of six before the operator may start cleaning out the sprayer in the field.

The sprayer contents then require further dilution by a factor of at least 100 to complete the cleaning process.

Using a programmable rinse menu on the in-cab display, John Deere’s auto dilute system tells the operator straight away if it’s possible to rinse out the sprayer with the available clean water, and how many rinsing cycles it will take.

When the start button is pressed, the system automatically initiates the dilution and rinsing process, which is repeated until the sprayer is completely clean and ready to be used again.

The new auto dilute option is also available on John Deere’s 700i Series trailed sprayers, but on these models the full process cannot be completed from the cab.


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