Deere M700 and M900 sprayers offer better illumination

John Deere has introduced two high-end options for its M700 and M900 series trailed sprayers.

The BoomTrac and LED field-lighting options are said to increase performance and cut operating costs on Deere’s mid-spec.

The existing BoomTrac auto boom-levelling and height-control system uses ultrasonic sensors to measure the height of the boom above the crop or soil.

The operator can specify a particular boom height for each nozzle type and the whole thing is controlled via the tractor’s in-cab GreenStar or CommandCentre display.

Four headland control modes are available, including the ability to raise the boom to avoid obstacles, walls or hedgerows.

The optional boom lighting kit uses two high-powered LED lights mounted below the boom’s centre frame assembly.

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These, according to Deere, shine a high-intensity white light below the structure, illuminating the boom itself and the spray pattern below each nozzle.

This helps avoid obstacles during night-time spraying and makes it easier to spot blocked nozzles.

Switching of the LED boom lights is done via the CommandCentre in-cab display, so no additional controls are necessary.

There is only one light to keep clean on each half of the boom, cutting downtime and boosting visibility of the spray pattern

BoomTrac will be available for Deere M700 and M900 Series trailed sprayers from April 2016.

The LED boom lighting kit option will be available from this April for the M700 models, says Deere, and from November 2016 for the M900 Series.