Distag launches trailer breakaway system to improve road safety

Components maker Distag has designed a high-powered handbrake and breakaway unit that can be fitted to almost any trailer.

The Powerbrake-RT works without any electronics or hydraulics and is designed to provide three-and-a-half times more braking power than a conventional handbrake.

The Distag Powerbrake-RT

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In the event of a breakaway, the connection between the unit and the trailer is engineered to separate under a fixed force, which works to halt the trailer and avoid any serious damage or injuries.

The bolt-on design means the Powerbrake-RT can be mounted to the trailer chassis, drawbar, or elsewhere between the tractor and trailer axle.

Failsafe breakaway systems are not a legal requirement in the UK but are mandatory in most of Europe.

The kit was originally designed for trailer and implement manufacturers to fit, but it can also be farm fitted to any braked trailer.

The price is €250 (£220).