Dowdeswell plough debut

DOWDESWELL HAS launched a middleweight mounted plough range.

On display for the first time at the Royal Smithfield Show in London this week, the new 110-series reversible models are designed to fill a gap in the company’s line-up of cultivation equipment.

Previously, Dowdeswell’s ploughs had been specifically targeted at tractors between 90hp-140hp and 200hp plus. The new range of ploughs is designed to slot in between these two segments, catering for tractors up to 170hp.

In standard format, the ploughs are available as one-piece four- and five-furrow units, extendable to five or six with the addition of a single bolt-on furrow.

The new models are scaled-down versions of the firm’s 140-series, using the same brackets, legs and bodies. The main change comes with the use of a lighter weight beam, headstock and turnover mechanism, says Dowdeswell.

Weighing in at 1.5t, a standard four-furrow model costs £9434, while an auto-reset six-furrow tips the scales at 2t and carries a price tag of £13,172.

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