Dozer plough shifts a lot of soil with not many hp

Suffolk farmer Paul Kerridge designed this furrow-less plough in the second half of 2009 and is about to make a first batch for local farmers.

Called the Dozer Plough, it’s somewhat different from anything available on the UK market and uses a patented combination of mouldboards and dozer blades to do the job.

It’s 4m (13ft) wide, with nine dozer blades and three Ransomes/Dowdeswell UCN bodies. The front row consists of three angled dozer blades scraping off the top 50mm (2in) of soil. Behind them are three plough mouldboards about 1m (3ft 3in) apart working at a depth between 150mm (6in) and 300mm (12in), though normal depth would be 170-200mm (7-8in).

Paul Kerridge (01449 775 677) says his furrow-less plough moves a lot of soil with very little hp.

Following those is another set of three dozer blades working in the opposite direction to the first row. These push the trash into the trenches left by the plough mouldboards. The final set of dozer blades (behind the wheels) is angled the other way and spreads clean soil across the full width of the machine.

Mr Kerridge says the 4m unit working down to 7-8in needs a tractor of just 120hp to pull it and travels happily at 4-5mph. He has been using it in wet conditions in the past few days and says it copes fine. It should work just as well on heavy land, he reckons, though horsepower requirement would obviously go up.

There’s no reason why subsoiler legs couldn’t be fitted, he adds, or indeed a set of rolls to run behind it. He plans to start making the Dozer Plough in April and two local farmers have apparently ordered one. Cost is likely to be about £25,000.

Watch the plough in action


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