Dropleg sprayer reaches parts that others cannot reach

This DroplegUL under-leaf spraying system for veg crops was jointly developed by sprayer maker Amazone, nozzle manufacturer Lechler and ag chem giant Syngenta.

It’s aimed particularly at those growing dwarf beans and onions where conventional on-top spraying doesn’t work that well and even air-assisted technology struggles to give sufficient coverage.

Work on the dropleg principle has been going on for four years but it’s taken until now to get it on the market. It consists of plastic drag hoses with different nozzles fitted to the tips to get under the leaves. The tubes can swing freely diagonally to the rows and set to any row spacing by using special Amazone carriers.

Sales of the DroplegUL are handled directly by Lechler. Amazone will sell special aluminium spray line carriers for their Q-plus and Super-S booms from 12-28m. Equipment for a 24m boom fitted with 30 Droplegs at a row spacing of 80cm will cost about £3175.