EuroTier 2010: Scanning on the move from Big Dutchman

Automatic scanning to check that loose-housed sows are in pig without having to round them up and confine them should save a lot of time, and certainly stress, for both man and beast.

Big Dutchman introduces its SonoCheck system that scans the sow automatically on her entry to ESF feeding stations. Scan results are then beamed to the herd computer along with sow ID and feed consumption details.

Analysis of the scan film is also automatic and an empty uterus triggers alarms on the stockman’s mobile phone and computer although, naturally, the digital film is always available for visual checking.

The SonoCheck, available as retrofit on feeding stations or as a mobile unit, features a compressed air powered sensor moving gently along the sow’s underline. Scanning time averages just 15 seconds a sow.

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