Eurotrack releases high-spec tracks for European market

Eurotrack, the European distributor for Camoplast agricultural tracks, has released new Durabuilt 4500 and 6500 friction drive tracks for John Deere 8RT, 9030T and 9RT tractors.

Both tracks are said to bring improvements to carcass construction and guide lug design, reducing cost of operation in applications where tread wear is not the primary life-limiting factor.

Track life is often shortened once the internal track structure is exposed to the elements, however these new tracks are said to have a puncture-resistant material within the carcass which reduces damage by preventing debris and moisture from reaching the internal track structure. A new guide lug design is also used on both new offerings for reduced corner lifting and improved tear resistance of the guide lug during heavy side load applications, thereby improving overall track life in certain operations.

They are also available for Challenger MT700/MT800 tractors.

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