Farm-kit CCTV set-up boosts harvest safety and efficiency

Vapormatic’s latest digital wireless quad-screen system gives farmers the full CCTV package at a wallet-friendly £546.

It has a 7in monitor that connects to up to four wireless cameras that can be mounted at strategic points around any farm machinery to capture all angles to boost safety and efficiency.

It can also record on to an SD card (not included) and can run from a 12V or 24V DC power source.

Other features include automatic camera switching from screen to screen, a full-function remote control and IP69 rated cameras.

Vapormatic VLC5078 Quad

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The system uses a digital signal and direct pairing between each camera and monitor. That gives a clear picture up to 120m, says the company.

Other new products in the CabCam range include a 9in monitor observation kit, a wireless receiver (which allows wired CabCam kits to operate wirelessly) and a 4-1 switch box that allows four wired cameras to be plugged into a single wired monitor.

There’s also a Quad Multiplexer which lets you view four screen displays on a single wired monitor, plus a monitor mounting bracket.

Vapormatic’s CabCam range also includes complete observation system kits, a selection of cameras with LEDs for low light and night vision, plus a numberplate camera option.