Kemppi Minarc Evo 180 welder is small but powerful

The latest Minarc Evo 180 from Bedford-based Kemppi is a portable 5.8kg unit that can deliver 170A maximum output current for MMA welding at 30% duty cycle and 180 amps for DC TIG welding at 35% duty  cycle.

When fitted with a 10A power supply plug, the Minarc Evo 180 still delivers 140A welding power at 28% duty cycle.

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It can work on single-phase supplies and 230-volt, 16A or 10A supplies. It can also be used with a generator power supply, even with extra-long extension cables of more than 100m.

A large LED meter display, remote current control option and Lift TIG ignition are standard. Precise arc ignition, large voltage reserves and automatic arc dynamics control mean it’s suitable for welding with all electrode types.

List price is £725, but may be lower at discount outlets.

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