In photos: Simple checks to keep farm trailers safe

Farmers need to ensure that their trailers are safe and properly maintained ahead of the busy summer months.

Transport-related accidents are among the main causes of workplace fatalities in agriculture, according to Health and Safety Executive statistics.

Launched in memory of teenager Harry Christian-Allan – who was killed in an accident in 2014 – the Tilly Your Trailer campaign helps ensure trailers are properly maintained.

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Tilly Pass sticker with Union Jack design

The initiative involves an annual service by an authorised mechanic as well as a simple daily check each time a trailer 10t or more is used on or off the farm.

The 18-point checklist has won the support of trailer manufacturers, machinery dealers, safety experts and the police – as well as farmers.

Some 70 authorised agricultural depots throughout the country are now annually inspecting trailers to the Tilly Pass standard.

These trailers are certified and display a numbered Tilly (sticker) on their tailgate.

The Tilly is dated and its unique number recorded along with the chassis number on an inspection sheet and a central database, creating a paper trail for every trailer.

During this year, it is expected that between 3,000 and 5,000 trailers will be inspected.

Below is a photo guide showing the Tilly checks that should be made to trailers.

The Tilly Checklist

Trailer lights

1 Check trailer lights are functioning correctly

Trailer tyres

2 Check tyres have legal tread depth, no cuts, bulges or cord/thread showing

Trailer towing eye

3 Check towing eye thickness

Towbar springs

4 Check suspended drawbar U-bolts and springs if applicable

Trailer chassis

5 Check drawbar and chassis for cracks

Trailer axle leaf springs

6 Check axle springs and U-bolts including rocking beams if applicable

Bolted joint with rubber bush

7 Check all pins and bushes

Shiny hydraulic ram with "grease point" label

8 Check ram seals

Red and yellow hydraulic airlines

9 Check hydraulic pipes, connectors and airlines for cuts, chafing and leaks

Wheel drum brake mechanism

10+11 Check brake shoes and spring shoes for adjustment.
Check brake drums for excessive wear, grooves and thickness

Trailer wheel with 10 nuts

12 Check wheel studs and nuts

Trailer being raised

13 Check structural cracks or holes – raise the tipping bed if applicable

Trailer tailgate

14 Check tailgate secure and not leaking

Trailer park brake

15 Check hand/park brake and cable

Steel stand mounted below trailer drawbar

16 Check stand is appropriate and in good order

Axle with wheel bearing

17 Check wheel bearings for wear – if necessary clean and re-pack

Hinged bar with grease nipples and "grease points" label

18 Check all grease points are serviceable


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