Wireless trailer lights leave no excuse

Older trailers and cultivators are still handy to have around the farm in case of an emergency, but after being sat around for years, it’s more than likely the lights on these ageing implements have seen better days.

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However, in a bid to help farmers stay on the right side of the law, Sparex has launched a magnetic set of trailer lights, that use super-bright LEDs and have the added simplicity of being wireless.

After a full charge, the battery-powered lights are simply snapped onto the back of the implement, with a dummy 7-pin light plug connected to the vehicle, while an advertised range of 20m was more like 40m on the set we tried.

Sparex lights plug © Edd Mowbray

© Edd Mowbray

These could be ideal for transporting ploughs or cultivators on the road, where citing a new wire is sometimes tricky and can be dislodged easily by tumbling mud, and the amount of road work is minimal.

The lights can be removed and placed in the box supplied to prevent damage, the only issue will be remembering to do it, as the lights have a limited 10-hour battery life before needing a recharge, so a day’s worth of grain carting is out the question, but handily the lights can be charged from the 12-volt supply in the tractor.

Retail price has recently been increased from £89 to £109 for a set.