Reolink launches farm-spec wireless security camera

Security camera specialist Reolink has unveiled a new wire-free surveillance kit designed for use on farms.

The Go-branded rig includes a 1,080p rechargeable HD camera with a 130deg viewing angle that transmits footage though a 3G or 4G LTE mobile network.

That makes it handy for monitoring remote locations, particularly in areas with limited or no wi-fi connection, and footage can be viewed through any connected smartphone.

It is weatherproof and powered by a long-life battery that can manage months of use on one charge, according to the manufacturer, and can be coupled to a trickle charge from a separately sold solar panel.

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It can stream and record up to 1,080p HD quality day and night, and captures night vision videos with a range of up to 10m. There is also a built-on movement sensor, which sends alerts when motion is detected to a phone or email address.

Motions are also recorded to a micro SD card and two-way audio allows users to listen and talk back through the speaker and microphone, or use a pre-recorded message to deter intruders.

Prices are expected to be about US$149.99 (£106) when it goes on sale online. The solar panel is an extra $29.99 (£21).