Aussie tool releases pressure in stubborn hydraulic pipes

Pressure build-up in hydraulic pipes can make hooking up implements a far more tedious task than it needs to be.

To put an end to this irksome problem, Australian engineer Keith Soar has come up with a range of tools that attach to hydraulic couplings and gently force the valve open to release the pressure.

Dubbed the Easy Relief Tools, these devices connect to hydraulic pipes just as a conventional coupling would, but rather than relying on pushing force to open the fitting, they use a screw-in plunger to break the seal without damaging it – unlike whacking it with a hammer.

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Once the pressure is released, excess oil flows out of the tool down a tube into a suitable collecting vessel. The firm sells both male and female versions to suit almost all types of hydraulic coupling.

The tools are assembled in Australia using Stucchi fittings and they can be sent to the UK. A set including male and female 1/2in tools – the most common size for agricultural equipment – costs £89.25, plus about £15 shipping.

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