Tree surgery forum offers free firewood

A new tool launched by an online tree surgery forum promises farmers a free source of firewood-grade timber and woodchip.

By signing up to Arbtalk’s Tipsite Directory, participants offer up their yard as a venue for tree surgeons to drop off unwanted timber. This saves the operator having to cart wood back to their yard when working far from home.

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The timber in question could be cordwood or woodchip, depending on the type of job the operator has been doing in the area. At certain times of year this can also contain lower-grade leafy material.

However, signing up doesn’t commit the farmer to take any material, and the site says the tree surgeon and the farmer should discuss the nature of each load before a delivery is made.


Typically, tree surgeons use 3.5t vehicles so each load will be 5 to 6 cu m. Cordwood will generally come in a range of manageable shapes and sizes, but there will be a degree of additional work required to turn it into firewood.

In some cases operators with larger lorries will also be looking to drop off long stems that will need to be handled mechanically.

The quality of woodchip deliveries will also vary according to the type of wood chipper used, the sharpness of the blades and the material being chipped. 

So far the tool has 800 registered tip sites across the UK, but the company is looking to add more. Those registering have the option to set up as a free or fee-charging site, but obviously the free ones will receive the most timber.

Those interested can get more details and sign up at

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