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Which aggregates, concrete and asphalt should you be using?

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CEMEX is a global leader in the building materials industry providing high-quality, innovative products and exceptional service to both customers and the community in the most sustainable and efficient way possible.

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With the ever-increasing pressures on modern farmers, the specific aggregates, concrete and asphalt products you use may not be top of your list to worry about but choosing the right product can drastically improve the quality of your farm environment and save you time and money in the long term.

CEMEX is a one-stop-shop for a range of specially designed farming and agricultural building materials for every situation.

To help make choosing the right products simple, the experts at CEMEX have produced a free guide so you can be assured of getting the best product for the job.

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The best aggregate solutions for agriculture

Neogem from CEMEX is a range of premium high-performance aggregate solutions designed to meet the needs of modern-day agricultural requirements – from fertiliser aggregates which neutralise the pH of soil and help maximise crop yields to cattle bedding that prevents the spread of bacteria and keeps livestock comfortable.

CEMEX produces and manufactures all aggregates from its own quarries and limestone sources, to ensure exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.

The neogem range includes:

1) Neutra-Agg: A specialist range of 100% natural agricultural lime fertilisers.

Approved by the Agricultural Lime Association with the Aglime Quality Standard seal of approval.

Key features:

  • Ensures effective replacement of calcium to neutralise acidity and correct soil pH levels
  • Helps maximise crop yield by improving conditions for effective nutrient uptake in crops and pastures
  • Easy to apply when using standard spreading equipment
  • Supports and strengthens root systems

2) Cattle Bedding: A high-quality blend of sand-based cattle bedding.

Key features:

  • Provides a comfortable surface to keep your livestock happy and healthy
  • Prevents the spread of pathogens
  • Provides good traction to reduce slips and falls, compared to other bedding materials

For more information on neogem, call 0345 1552 452 or email

The best concrete solutions for agriculture

It’s important to consider where concrete is being laid and the issues those particular areas face to ensure you have the right mix to withstand the daily grind of farming activity.

You will need high strength concrete for external paved areas, hygienic concretes for livestock housing, load bearing concrete for internal floors and durable concretes which are resistant to farm waste.

CEMEX can offer expert advice, making sure you get the right product for every job.

The range includes:

1) Readymix Farmpave for external paved areas

Key features:

  • High strength to withstand the constant loading and scraping imposed by farm vehicles
  • Resists damage from frost and aggressive conditions found in an agricultural environment
  • Cleanable surface finish
  • Can be textured for increased slip resistance
  • Can be formed to assist drainage and surface water control
  • Meets or exceeds the relevant British and European Standards

2) Readymix Stockfloor for livestock housing

Key features:

  • Quick and easy to lay
  • Durable with longer working life, even when exposed to animal waste
  • Can be textured for increased slip resistance, reducing risk of animal injury
  • Designed to satisfy the standards of hygiene required and aids compliance with the Food Safety Act, Quality Assurance schemes and Welfare of Livestock Regulations

3) Readymix Multistore for internal floors of storage areas

Key features:

  • High strength to withstand loads imposed by weight of crop or agricultural machinery
  • Durable surface for constant trafficking
  • Provides a barrier between ground water and the stored materials
  • Aids compliance with Quality Assurance schemes such as the Assured Combinable Crops Scheme where a crack, crevice free and cleanable service is required. It also satisfies the requirements of the Food Safety Act

4) Advanced Paving (external) and Flooring (internal) – fibre  reinforced concrete

Key features:

  • The fibres provide exceptional strength without the need for steel mesh
  • Concrete and reinforcement are placed in one application making it faster and easier to place, saving you time and money
  • Plus, further significant reduction in reinforcement costs as no reinforcement material is wasted and there is no need to store, cut, place and fix steel mesh on site

The best asphalt solution for agriculture

Asphalt is commonly used in many areas on a farm – from farm tracks and access roads to silage clamps and livestock housing, so it’s important that you choose the right product which is designed to meet all your needs. Viashield from CEMEX can do just that:

1) Viashield

Key features:

  • Highly durable – ideal for surfaces that need to take farm machinery
  • High resistance to temperature, chemicals and the acids derived from silage, effluent, animal drugs and urine
  • Smooth surface is less abrasive to animals’ feet
  • Easily cleaned – can be used as a non-contaminated surface for the storage of bulk animal feed

For more information about any of the CEMEX products and services call 0800 667 827 or email and speak to one of the experts.