FW Inventions Competition 2021: Charles Hibbert’s Discovery pickup

Charles Hibbert and his sons, Jack and Ted, took a scrap 200TDi Land Rover Discovery and turned it into a low-cost farm pickup for transporting round bales and fodder beat.

Rather than using a pickup conversion kit, they fabricated their own cab back using the original tail door attached to a reinforced steel frame.

They then formed sheet steel corner sections to cover the gap between the doors and new back panel.

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At the rear, they cut down the chassis and built a tipping rear body with sides and a tailgate from an Ifor Williams trailer to hold the load in place.

The rear of the Discovery retrofit trailer

© Charles Hibbert

Cleverly, they put the pivot point near the centre of the body, so that when the catch is released, a round bale will exit with very little assistance.

To help it travel over wet ground, they modified the wheel arches and fitted flotation tyres from a Frazier Agribuggy that they picked up for £80.

The project took them four days to put together and the total cost was less than £600, including the donor vehicle.

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