Fendt’s latest and largest tractor is on the way

Fendt’s latest tractor- which will be officially launched at Agritechnica in Germany next month – won’t be seen in the UK until mid-way through next year and even then it is anticipated it will be available in limited numbers only.

The 360hp Vario 936 will be offered as an extension to the existing Fendt 900-series range.

The most significant development for the new tractor is that it will be capable of 60kph (37mph).

To handle this, Fendt has developed self-levelling suspension damping for the front axle and fitted an anti-lock braking system (ABS).

The suspension system – dubbed Fendt Stability Control (FSC) – is speed-dependent and claimed to improve lateral stability of the entire vehicle.

Fendt says its cab suspension has also been redeveloped to improve operator comfort and will now compensate for braking and pitch movements.


Power for the 936 Vario is delivered by a 7.1-litre Deutz engine producing a maximum of 360hp.

The engine uses exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) to reduce emissions in order to meet Tier III standards.

According to Fendt, this technology has helped to reduce fuel consumption.

Linkage lift capacity is 12t and, to accommodate larger mounted implements, the lower links can be specified in Category IV format.

The front linkage is connected directly to the front axle chassis mounting, which allows for a maximum lift capacity of 5.6t while reducing the overall vehicle length.

The 936 will be fitted with Fendt’s new X5 cab, which, although under wraps until Agritechnica, apparently boasts all-round visibility of 320 degrees and 5.5sq m of glass for unhindered views.

To ease operator stress, noise levels are reported to be below 70dB(A) and the cab will be fitted with Fendt’s active air-sprung seat.

Fendt says the 936 will carry a premium of between €15,000 and €20,000 over the current top-end 930 model – putting it in the £130,000 region.